Hi, i'm omar daudi

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A certified International Coach, with over 20 years experience in leadership, team management and running successful businesses.

After living the 'dream' expat life in the Middle East I've learned the importance of having a wholistic life, beyond the boardroom - leading a life of passion, focus and direction born from a vision of a compelling future.

Coupled with invaluable experience and the inner drive to make a difference, you will find nothing less than unshakeable commitment, professionalism, positive guidance and future focus.

Some areas of expertise include:

Limiting beliefs - Negative? Fear of failure - or even Success? Not being good enough to achieve what you want? Fear of rejection? A limiting belief that others are holding you back?


KNOW what these are. OBLITERATE them. Replace with EMPOWERING beliefs.

I will help you do this.


Change - For those of you who want to be somewhere but unable to make that move, feeling stuck, struggling to break a habit...                

  I'll look into your 'whys' and take you through a deep dive into your values and develop a 'POSSIBILITIES' Mindset for CHANGE.

Procrastination - You didn't see it coming, yet it's become part of you, devastates your goals, dreams and sense of achievement and simply leaves you stagnant and not in control.

I get how disempowering this state of being is. Let's work together to identify and overcome the factors specific to you, so that you progress, fulfill your dreams and TAKE BACK CONTROL!


Bachelors Chemical Engineering UCL, London, 

20+ Years Experience in IT Management, ITIL Expert, Prince 2 Project Management Practitioner

This channel is coming soon!